Ruritan Service Partners

Hunters for the Hungry

This Virginia based organization distributes and processes to food banks across the state. Since 1991, this organization has provided more than 450,000 pounds of meat to the needy. Hunters for the Hungry is one of Ruritan’s most successful partnerships with literally hundreds of clubs providing the funds for processing wild game for the tables of the area’s less fortunate.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (Maryland)

This Maryland program helps processed and distributes venison donated by farmers and hunters to food banks in Maryland and surrounding areas. This partnership has provided new opportunity for service by the Ruritan in Maryland and bordering areas. Since 1998, both organizations have achieved possibilities for individuals who are in need for food.


Ruritan and 4-H have had a long history of helping each other. Each year, hundreds of 4-H students are sponsored to 4-H "Citizenship and Washing Focus" seminars in Washington D.C., and to other youth based activities. Since 1995, both organizations have had a great impact on the future of youth in our communities.

SkillsUSA (formerly VICA)

SkillsUSA-VICA strives to increase pride in work through education and competitions in many vocational skills area. The organization has strong ties with business and industry and has chapters in more than 13,000 public school, community colleges and vocational schools.

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (FFVF)

The Freedoms Foundation, in corporation with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, Boy Scouts of America, and Ruritans, sponsors the Medal of Honor Adventure each October. Student perform service work in the 52 acre Medal of Honor Grove and hear inspirational messages from Medal of Honor recipients. Each spring, the Freedoms Foundation and Ruritan National sponsor two Freedom and Leadership conferences at the Freedom Foundation.

Adventure Camp, Inc.

Adventure Camp, a camp held each summer for children and adolescents with limb loss. Adventure Camp, Inc. was started in 1981 and has been held annually since that time in the summer. The camp staff includes amputee and non-amputee volunteers who are health professionals such as therapists, prothetists, orthotists and nurses as well as members of the communities which the camp serves. They volunteer their time to do the planning as well as provide the counseling and food preparation.

National D-Day Memorial Foundation

The primary objective of the nine-acre National D-Day Memorial is to recognize the exemplary contribution of individual military personnel, all of whom encountered extreme hardship and particularly those who were asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. To date Ruritans have donated nearly $200,000 to various projects at the National D-Day Memorial.

Prevention Through Service Alliance

This organization is made up of more than 20 civic, fraternal and veterans’ organizations which have all agreed to take a public stance on the issue affecting all communities. The alliance recognizes that youth are “our greatest asset for a promising future,” and that preventing drug abuse is essential to youth “becoming contributing and responsible citizens.” This organization also calls for the leading volunteer’s associations and youth development agencies to unite in promoting drug free environments, positive choices by the youth, and character development so that productive citizens and future world leaders will be ensured. Since the partnership began, Ruritan has provided a liaison with PTSA, usually a member of our Youth Committee, and have used the RURITAN magazine to share anti-drug messages with youth leaders in the Ruritan community.

National FFA Organization (FFA)

The National FFA Organizations has nearly 450,000 members nationally in local high schools or in secondary schools that have an agriculture program. Through competition and skill-building exercises, FFA members learn discipline, responsibility, and dedication to the field of agriculture. Ruritan clubs can help sponsor entire local FFA chapters or can sponsor individual members to local, state, or national levels of competition. Since 1998, Ruritans have supported the FFA in public services and development.

Boy Scouts of America

More than one-third of all Ruritan Clubs sponsor scouting in some way. Ruritan clubs and districts can sponsor scouts to state and national meetings, help scouts with Eagle Scout projects, and sponsor scouts with their leaders to attend the Medal of Honor adventures. In the past years Ruritans have helped with events such as the BSA National Jamboree and the new Ruritan Scout Leader Service Award.

Virginia War Memorial

The Virginia War Memorial was built in the mid 1950's on a high point overlooking the downtown skyline and the James River in Richmond to honor those who served in World War II and Korea. Later additions honor veterans of Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. The names of 11,631 Virginians who made the supreme sacrifices in battle are engraved on the soaring glass and stone walls of the Memorials Shrine of Memory. Ruritan National and the Virginia War Memorial have announced the formation of a partnership to teach patriotism and citizenship to future generations. To help achieve this goal, the War Memorial has started a program called Virginians At War: Historic Interviews. This history program of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf is brought to life through the videotaped interviews of Virginia veterans who were there. Ruritans have participated in special military holiday ceremonies at the Memorial and articles about the Memorial have appeared in the RURITAN magazine.

Liberty Day

Liberty Day is a non-partisan grass roots celebration of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S Constitution. The ultimate goal of Liberty Day is the protection and continuation of American liberties. Its primary mission is education: to make all citizens aware of the significance and content of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, in order that voters might appreciate the incredible rights and responsibilities to be found in those documents. In pursuit of this goal, Liberty Day activities throughout the state focus attention on these two crucial documents and events leading up to the founding of the United States. A number of Ruritan Clubs have sponsored youth groups to Liberty Day events in their state capitals under the title “Liberty Kids”. In 2005 Congress passed a new law requiring all schools and educational institutions to teach the U.S. Constitution on September 17 every year - the anniversary date of the document. Ruritan Clubs have been involved in helping to promote that instruction and have volunteered to assist with programs in many schools.

Telephone Pioneers of America

Several Ruritan clubs already active with the Telephone Pioneers of America's "Books about Me" program led Ruritan National to formalize the arrangement with an organizational partnership. That project later blossomed into the partnership (below) with “I Like Me” book program. Ruritans have also worked with the Telephone Pioneers of America to develop playground sized maps of the United States that are used by schools to teach geography.

Kindergartners Count, "I Like Me"

In 2005 both the Ruritan and “I Like Me” organizations have been establishing a personalized approach with the children. This program motivates students to learn to read and also encourages healthy self-concept. “I LIKE ME” has a positive impact on a child’s self concept through significant developmental qualities such as character, sincerity, effort, etiquette, and self control. Self-esteem and self-efficacy, components of self-concept, include acceptance, caring, recognition, teamwork, and achievement.