Our Staff
Chris Pugh
CONTACT CHRIS WITH QUESTIONS: Member Services Coordinator - Voice Mail 303
All questions and concerns should be handled through Chris who is responsible for answering member and leader questions that come in from the Ruritan website or by phone. She distributes general information, answers questions about using the Member Management System (MMS) and helps clubs with IRS 990 forms and insurance. She can provide support to leaders in the areas of growth and development – including community assessment and research – when requested. Chris also works with a variety of existing and developing Access databases for both Ruritan and the Foundation – coordinating data with the member data included in the MMS. She also works developing Ruritan graphic design. She also maintains the Ruritan National website, designs publications for web publication through Constant Contact and social media contributions. Chris works with Crystal on all board meetings and the Summer Leadership Conference.

Please direct all general questions to Chris (above) for the best response. Other staff available to serve you include:

Michael Chrisley
Executive Director - Voice Mail 305
Chief operating officer of Ruritan National and Ruritan National Foundation. Serves as ex officio member of all national standing committees and has management and program implementation responsibilities that include strategic planning, financial management, budgeting and investments, membership services, membership growth and training, and convention planning. Overall responsibility for employee supervision, office management, corporate legal actions, and facilities maintenance and operations. Represents Ruritan in relationships with partnership organizations, government entities, and media. Editor of the RURITAN magazine, Ruritan newsletter, and other Ruritan publications.

Craig Whitt
Convention - Voice Mail 312
Craig is responsible for advance planning for the annual National Convention and on site execution as well as gathering data on future convention sites from potential locations.

Diane Lawson
Membership - Voice Mail 306
Diane enters new club information into the MMS and makes membership records and changes (address, telephone, etc.) that aren’t made by members directly (send all name and address changes that you don’t make yourself in the MMS to Diane). She assists with accounts receivable posting. Diane prepares new club charter kits and new member kits and is responsible for Blue Ribbon, Outstanding Club President and Outstanding Club Secretary research. Diane works with Amanda processing incoming mail, payments and donations. She also process quarterly reports, district officer reports, national officer reports, and maintains the central filing system and current national candidate lists.

Crystal Andrews
Magazine - Publications - Meetings - Voice Mail 304
Assistant Editor for the RURITAN magazine. She reviews and edits articles sent into the National Office and researches news items that might be of interest for the RURITAN magazine. She follows up on child protection issues – particularly photo consent forms for minors featured in Ruritan publications. Also responsible for developing promotional materials and publications for the club kit including brochures, Ruritan club and district officer handbooks, community service guides, and more. She coordinates the Summer Leadership Conference and is responsible for all meetings held at the National Office including board meetings, committee meetings, and special training sessions.

Kory Wirt
Accounting Specialist Voice Mail 310
Club and district billings, district statistics. Accounts payable and receivable, monthly financial statements, and expense vouchers. He is also responsible for federal and state tax reports. Year end financial statements and preparation for annual report. Coordinates processes with membership, accounting, supply and Foundation departments of Ruritan National.

Amanda Ramirez
Foundation and Supply Specialist -Voice mailbox 302
foundation@ruritan.org or supplies@ruritan.org
Amanda works with the Ruritan National Foundation both in receiving donations and dispensing grants and scholarships. She also works collecting donations for Operation We Care and helping districts apply for funds in the case of a declared national disaster. Amanda prepares awards and plaques for clubs and districts. She is responsible for printed flyers and sales material produced by the Supply Department. Amanda works with Diane processing incoming mail, payments and donations. She coordinates the annual Youth Leadership Camp as well.